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Autumn Round Up

They say the good girls keep diaries, the bad girls don’t have time… I haven’t been a ‘bad girl’ but I have been a busy one! As such, I haven’t written a personal blog in far too long. I say ‘personal’ because I have written several blogs as a copywriter at work. However, there are […]

Brexit – Just My Thoughts

I questioned whether to write this blog, or whether to just turn off my laptop and hibernate. I’m not a political nor economic expert and I’m not pretending to be. But I am a writer. I write about things that affect me, whether that’s something I experience personally, or something which happens in the world […]

Jason Donovan – 10 Good Reasons and Greatest Hits Tour

Jason Donovan was my first love. I was four. I had posters all over my side of the bedroom and two videos full of his hits. So when (at the Rick Astley concert) I discovered Jason was on tour and tickets were available, I was incredibly excited. My sister text my mum, my mum bought […]

Rick Astley at the Liverpool Philharmonic

My sister and I have a tradition of going to concerts. It started with a surprise birthday trip (mine) to the City of Manchester stadium to see Bon Jovi in 2008, and has included Girls Aloud and 30 Seconds to Mars (both twice) since then. This year, we went for a slice of classic 80s […]

World Book Day at Little Learners Chester

I’m a big reader, and I love dressing up! As such I’m disappointed that we didn’t have ‘World Book Day’ when I was at school and was therefore thrilled to be invited to Little Learners nursery for the afternoon. Little Learners is all about educational play and interaction and for World Book Day, the staff […]

Ultimate Power – More Than A Feeling!

Jumping up and down, covered in ‘confetti’, grasping an inflatable instrument and belting out classic rock anthems from Boston and Bon Jovi to Alice Cooper and Adele whilst a group of guys goes nuts on stage – if this sounds like your idea of fun then get yourself down to Ultimate Power! Simply put, Ultimate […]

Selfish Good Deeds

The other day I was watching Friends (my housemate is enjoying a marathon), the one where Joey says that there’s no such thing as a selfless good deed because we do good things to make ourselves feel better. Here’s my point, maybe that’s true, but does it even matter? Recently some people’s Facebook comments and […]