It’s been a rollercoaster of a season (and other assorted footballing clichés) we’ve had highs and lows, little dips, stutters, a bit of panic, anti-climaxes, and moments of pure exhilaration.

Now, it’s time to reflect on the best bits, give credit where it’s due, and stick where it’s warranted…

Without further ado, please allow me to present the 2018 JP Business League/Summer Cup ActiveWin FC end of season awards!

The Serious Ones:

The Harry Kane Golden Boot for Top Scorer Overall = Adam Rowley (8)

League Top Scorer = Allan Stevenson (6)

Summer Cup Top Scorer = Jordan Rudge (6)

Goal of the Season = Adam Rowley – AW FC 5 Our Boss 2 (first of two, blasted in the far top corner from outside the box)

Most Appearances = Eddie Jordan (12)

Best Newcomer = Jordan Rudge

Best Debut = Jordan Rudge ( Summer Cup AW FC 5-1 InterQuest Group)

Player of the Season = Jordan Rudge

Unsung Hero = Josh Luksys-Booth

Most Improved = Gary ‘Goals’ Maiden

Best Ringer = Marcus Jackson

Can We Play You Every Week? = Our Boss



James Harries

Eddie Jordan    Bryn May    Eliot Jacob

                                 Liam Tyler       Jordan Rudge   Gary Maiden   Adam Jackson         Josh L-Booth

                                                                        Adam Rowley

                                                                                     Allan Stevenson


Just For Fun:

The Gazza Award for the most entertaining player = Bryn May

The Glenn Hoddle Award for successful player-manager = Adam Jackson

The Jamie Redknapp Award for the most injury-prone player = Allan Stevenson

The Graeme Souness Award for Scotland’s finest = Greg Jacobs

The Leighton Baines Award for terrible excuses = Eliot Jacob

The Christian Pulisic Award for the best cross-turned-shot = Sam Benson

The Gareth Southgate Award for the worst penalty miss = Adam Rowley

The John Terry Award for rocking up last minute in search of glory = Chris Prentice

So, there you have it. Enjoy the break, have a few drinks, head to the gym, maybe go on a few runs, or wrap yourself in cotton wool –  whatever works!

See you in the new season!


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