Jason Donovan – 10 Good Reasons and Greatest Hits Tour

Jason Donovan was my first love. I was four. I had posters all over my side of the bedroom and two videos full of his hits. So when (at the Rick Astley concert) I discovered Jason was on tour and tickets were available, I was incredibly excited.

My sister text my mum, my mum bought two of the last few tickets (as an early birthday present) and come May, we were back in the Liverpool Philharmonic.

Despite Rach having laryngitis, and literally no voice, she still came with me (absolute legend) and by the end was lip-syncing along quite happily.

I purchased a natty little 1989 Jason Donovan vest, which I immediately pulled on, and we took our seats. The warm up act was X Factor runner ups Mon Aime. Not being a fan of X Factor I had no idea who they were, but they had good voices and full-on 1990s outfits (back in fashion) which made me nostalgic.

And then Jason took the stage. Almost 50, but clean and healthy, the blond Aussie is still attractive, and was full of energy. His time in stage shows has honed his voice and he relishes the attention and adoration which was coming in waves from a diverse audience.

‘Any Dream Will Do’, ‘Everyday’, ‘Too Many Broken Hearts’ ‘Sealed With A Kiss’, the hits just kept coming! It took me a few bars to remember ‘Nothing Can Divide Us’ and ‘When You Come Back To Me’ – again, I was four when this album was released – but there’s no mistaking that classic 80s pop sound.

Yes if Kylie had appeared to sing the duet “Especially For You” with him, my life would have been made (I’m easily pleased) but Jason’s talented young backing singer (sorry, I can’t remember, or find, her name, but she had a great voice and an awesome mirror-ball bustier) stepped in and did it justice.

A quick wardrobe change and Jason reappeared for his encore – “ending where we started”, with Too Many Broken Hearts. At Rach’s insistence, I climbed over the seats and went to the stage for the finale. If I didn’t have such short arms I could have touched him!

That aside, it was a great night.

If you’re a fan and you get the chance to see Jason in concert I’d recommend you take it 🙂



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