Rick Astley at the Liverpool Philharmonic

My sister and I have a tradition of going to concerts. It started with a surprise birthday trip (mine) to the City of Manchester stadium to see Bon Jovi in 2008, and has included Girls Aloud and 30 Seconds to Mars (both twice) since then.

This year, we went for a slice of classic 80s pop, with the one and only Rick Astley!

Rachel describes Rick as her ‘first love’. She used to kiss his image when he was on TV (she was four, I was two) and now that that is recorded in a blog I don’t have to tell attractive guys at parties just before she’s introduced to them, anymore. (Sorry Rach!).

In true Rachel style, she sent me a Christmas list of clothes, and at the top was a subtle hint – Rick Astley was playing the Liverpool Philharmonic just a few days after her birthday. I dutifully forwarded it to my mum and, come Christmas morning we opened makeshift tickets.

Before the concert, I could only remember 3 Rick songs, including ‘that Christmas one he did’. Still, I love ’80s cheese so I was more than happy to go along.

The Liverpool Philharmonic is a beautiful venue, and it was packed with die-hard Astley fans. One guy had a beach towel with Rick’s face on it, the rest of us were very jealous.

Rick’s warm up act – Sound of the Sirens – entertained the crowd with their melodic harmonies and chirpy tales of traffic jams and sleep deprivation, and then it was time for the main event.

Rick Astley at 50 is every inch the pro performer, in his own special way. Sipping from a mug of tea, he effortlessly guided the audiences through his greatest hits, a medley of covers, including Uptown Funk and We Found Love (In A Hopeless Place). He thanked his fans for paying for a new bathroom for his mum. Then noted “I bought the house in Newton-Le-Willows, but you lot paid for the bathroom!”

He’s completely at ease working the crowd, belting out new songs with the same joy as ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. His wry sense of humour and ‘Lancashire-born and bred’ charm make him instantly likeable, whilst his unique voice and, shall we say, ‘special’ dance moves mean he’s one of a kind.

If it sounds like I’m a bit in love with Rick, that’s because I am!

I was literally bouncing with joy for the entire concert, and when he sang a song called ‘Superman’ about ‘a weirdo who lives under a costume shop’ I knew I’d found my theme song! 😉

The concert ended with shots of Jaeger for Rick, his awesome band and excellent backing singers. and a fabulous encore for his adoring fans. The night ended with drinks and dancing back in Chester.

Tomorrow, we’re going to see Jason Donovan (my first love) with tickets booked whilst we waited for Rick to take the stage – blog to follow.

In the meantime, let me just say, when it comes to entertaining a crowd, Rick Astley really will never let you down.

Absolute legend!



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  1. […] I had posters all over my side of the bedroom and two videos full of his hits. So when (at the Rick Astley concert) I discovered Jason was on tour and tickets were available, I was incredibly […]

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