World Book Day at Little Learners Chester

I’m a big reader, and I love dressing up! As such I’m disappointed that we didn’t have ‘World Book Day’ when I was at school and was therefore thrilled to be invited to Little Learners nursery for the afternoon.

Little Learners is all about educational play and interaction and for World Book Day, the staff had dressed up and devised a timetable filled with fun activities and invited the parents to come and take part.

The guest of honour was popular North East children’s author Peter Brunton (also known as my dad) who was there to relate his Sally the Oil Rig Seal stories, complete with recorded songs and visual aids.

First stop was the pre-school class, where a host of mini princesses, a pirate and a dinosaur were sitting smartly and waiting patiently when Peter entered the room in his ‘Peter the Oil Man’ orange safety overalls and yellow hard hat and distributed cuddly seals of all shapes and sizes to the children.

The children were very good about sharing the toys, and shuffled closer and closer to the books in order to see the pictures as Peter read the stories, and showed them photographs of the real ‘Sally’, the inspiration for his stories.

Between each reading, a CD played the corresponding song, and the children loved bobbing up and down like seals and shouting out key words.

Next it was time to pop in and see the 1-2s which included a tiny Iron Man and a little bumble bee for a reading of the first book, and several renditions of the song as one little boy in particular couldn’t get enough of it. Finally Peter posed for photos with the children and the seals before bidding them farewell.

But the fun didn’t stop there. From 2.30-3.30pm parents began to arrive and join in with the activities. One classroom enjoyed a rendition of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ written by Michael Rosen and read by Lauren, complete with tray containing some of the elements from the story – mud, string representing long grass etc – and all the actions. One little girl then encouraged her mum to read another story to the class.

Next door, Hayley read Rumble In The Jungle by Giles Andreae and created a treasure hunt by hiding small toys of the animals from the story around the outside play area where the excited children searched high and low, identifying the correct animal as they were named, and seeking them out.

Then it was time to go home and, once the pirate hats and princess dresses were discarded, hopefully, a bedtime story.

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