Ultimate Power – More Than A Feeling!

Jumping up and down, covered in ‘confetti’, grasping an inflatable instrument and belting out classic rock anthems from Boston and Bon Jovi to Alice Cooper and Adele whilst a group of guys goes nuts on stage – if this sounds like your idea of fun then get yourself down to Ultimate Power!

Simply put, Ultimate Power is a whole night of the best (and so-bad-they’re-actually-brilliant) power ballads, played to an eclectic audience and enthusiastically ‘performed’ on stage by the guys behind the events, and its awesome.

I went to the Manchester night with ‘The Gang’, a group of girls who can always be relied upon to sing, dance and generally jump around like idiots at any opportunity – in other words the best kind of people.

I’d never been to the O2 Ritz Manchester before but a woman I got chatting to told me that she used to go to rock nights there as a teenager and that it looked ‘much better’ after its 2011 refurb. It reminded me of the Empire in Middlesbrough (a former theatre) due to the balconies and with its springy floor and excellent acoustics, provided an ideal venue.

Armed with as much VK Cherry and Blue as we could reasonably carry, we made our way to the front and remained there pretty much the whole night. Being so close to the stage ensured we managed to procure several inflatables, get covered in confetti at least twice, interact with the performers and even snag some chocolate – score!

The guys on stage take turns DJing and playing rockstar, lip-syncing for all they’re worth to a pumping soundtrack of power ballads and taking the crowd with them.  Adele’s ‘Hello’ was a controversial choice, (too new for the purists) but even when you don’t love the song (Bohemian Rhapsody in my case) you can’t help but throw yourself into it.

The only low point was an incident with some disrespectful women at the barriers, but even that was quickly and efficiently dealt with by the security and we carried on our night undaunted.

Personal highlights included ‘Always’ by Bon Jovi – my favourite song, Tina Turner’s ‘The Best’  – ‘South Cleveland Garages’ for those born on Teesside, and turning our backs on the stage to tipsily serenade each other with ‘I Will Always Love You’ – good times!

Like most good ideas, the beauty of Ultimate Power is in its simplicity, its a whole night full of power ballads, billed as ‘ Always The Greatest Night of Your Life’ and, hyperbole aside, it is pretty epic.

Highly recommended for hen or stag parties, birthdays or just a different night out – check out upcoming dates here.





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