Deadpool – F*&$ing Awesome!

Ass-kicking, quipping and bullet-blasting its way straight into my favourite films, Deadpool delivers everything its excellent marketing campaign promises and then some.

From the hilariously honest/tongue-in-cheek credits which list Ryan Reynolds as ‘God’s Perfect Idiot’, to the spectacular final fight sequence, Deadpool is as relentless as its titular anti-hero.

Neither the violence nor the profanities ever really let up, and they come with a side order of witty one-liners and in-jokes as Deadpool takes us (the audience) on his rollercoaster revenge ride.

It’s laugh-out-loud funny, poking fun at the genre, its star, and itself with juvenile glee, and pulls no punches with its expertly-edited, brutal fight scenes.

Reynolds is pitch-perfect in the role he was born to play, whilst Morena Baccarin as ‘the right girl’ Vanessa Carlysle and Ed Skrein’s ‘British Bad Guy’ Ajax/Francis more than hold their own, plus there are X-Men!

Apparently massive edits were made when the film’s budget was slashed but, to me, it’s a near perfect production. Bravo Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman (rumoured) and all who campaigned to get Deadpool made – I salute you.

Unless you really hate Ryan Reynolds (what the hell is wrong with you people?!), or are too old or too young to appreciate the genius of Deadpool’s jet-black, rude and crude humour, then get your ass to the cinema!

Oh and it’s a Marvel movie, WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE CREDITS!

5 Stars – if I could give it more I would!

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