Monthly Archives: February 2016

Ultimate Power – More Than A Feeling!

Jumping up and down, covered in ‘confetti’, grasping an inflatable instrument and belting out classic rock anthems from Boston and Bon Jovi to Alice Cooper and Adele whilst a group of guys goes nuts on stage – if this sounds like your idea of fun then get yourself down to Ultimate Power! Simply put, Ultimate […]

Deadpool – F*&$ing Awesome!

Ass-kicking, quipping and bullet-blasting its way straight into my favourite films, Deadpool delivers everything its excellent marketing campaign promises and then some. From the hilariously honest/tongue-in-cheek credits which list Ryan Reynolds as ‘God’s Perfect Idiot’, to the spectacular final fight sequence, Deadpool is as relentless as its titular anti-hero. Neither the violence nor the profanities […]


Having failed to find a charity shop copy of A Christmas Carol, I turned my attentions to other books on the list, getting through three in December and seven in January, including the second and third Harry Potter novels, which aren’t on the list but which I had to read as my OCD can’t cope […]

Selfish Good Deeds

The other day I was watching Friends (my housemate is enjoying a marathon), the one where Joey says that there’s no such thing as a selfless good deed because we do good things to make ourselves feel better. Here’s my point, maybe that’s true, but does it even matter? Recently some people’s Facebook comments and […]