So I haven’t made fantastic progress with my ‘Reading Like Rory – The Novel World‘ reading challenge but I have completed a book I’ve never read before – Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte – and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yes many of the themes are outdated, although the book was ahead of it’s time in many ways, and not all of the interwoven vignettes quite hang together, but the quiet goodness, compassion, inner strength and unbreakable spirit of Jane are qualities any modern heroine would be proud of.

Reading it as an adult I could immediately recognise the humour, the dry wit and the wry observations which punctuate the novel and temper the, at times, bleak story.

As an English Literature student I often thought (and said, and wrote) that many of the ‘classics’ were only labelled as such because they were old and people didn’t want to admit that they didn’t understand them. I stand by that on certain texts, but I’m putting Jane Eyre on my personal list of classics.

Besides Jane Eyre, I also started reading ‘Death of a Salesman’ at work and ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ but both have spilled over. Five days into May and I’ve also finished ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and almost completed ‘The Lord of the Flies’ thanks to a long train journey, but I’ll save my thoughts on those for May’s blog.

So at the time of writing, 5 down, 333 to go!

Happy Reading Everyone!

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