Elle’s Reading Challenge – Reading Like Rory

I’m a big fan of Gilmore Girls, I have all seven series on DVD which I have watched repeatedly, both with my mum (we sing the theme tune together) and solo during times of insomnia, crisis or boredom – there’s something incredibly comforting about the general lack of action coupled with the obscure, pop culture references, relateable characters and universal themes that make it one of my favourite ever TV shows.

Another aspect I relate to is Rory’s reading habit.

My mum read to me before I was born and I’ve rarely been without a book since. I’ll read anything, apart from the third Fifty Shades of Grey novel! (1 & 2 were all I could handle of the awful writing) and tend to have a biography and at least one novel on the go at any one time. But there are thousands, probably millions, of books I’ve never read and it’s difficult to know where to start.

So when I came across a blog entitled ‘Reading Like Rory – The Novel World‘ and found the reading list attached, it seemed like the ideal reading challenge to embark on.

There are 338 books on the list – all those referenced somehow in Gilmore Girls – encompassing classic literature, poetry, Shakespeare and more modern fayre such as The Nanny Diaries and Harry Potter.

Somebody in Australia has estimated it will take him a further three years to complete ‘the list’. I’m not usually competitive, but I read quickly and I don’t think it will take me quite as long to complete the challenge. I  had previously read more than 50 of the texts listed but decided to start again to see if I found new meaning in the books I loved (and loathed) growing up.

I began on the 16th of February, reading on the train on the way back from Middlesbrough with The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and have so far (re)read Huck Finn (much more disturbing than I realised as a child), Beowulf (mythic and epic) and The Nannies Diaries (warm and witty with quite a painful heart to it).

I’m now reading Jane Eyre and finding it much easier going than when I attempted it as a teenager.

For anyone as geeky as me, I’ll post monthly updates with where I’m up to and any strong reactions to the texts – I’m looking forward to discovering some new favourite characters and incredible worlds along the way – wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck on the challenge! I started it…but then got sidetracked by too many other books.

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