Star Trek Into Darkness

Hmm. Not what I was expecting.

I’ve never been a trekkie – I just had to Google how they spell it! – but I enjoyed the 2009 Star Trek, and with the addition of the always excellent Benedict Cumberbatch, I was expecting a lot more from Into Darkness.

And for me it failed to deliver.

The best way I can describe it is it felt like I was watching a series of J.J Abrams’ storyboards – not a finished film.

All the ingredients are there – the crew is well cast, Cumberbatch is a genuinely frightening nemesis, there’s huge spaceships, stun guns, battles, Klingons and believable relationships between the characters.

But there’s something missing, and I think it’s a personality.

There are a few laughs sprinkled in, Kirk rolls out of bed leaving two half naked lovelies with tails and Karl Urban’s ‘Bones’ flirts with Alice Eve with his hand stuck in an armed torpedo -but somehow it’s just no fun.

To borrow a sport’s analogy Into Darkness is Abrams’ taking a shot and missing because he didn’t realise how much time he had on the ball – he rushed it and he fluffed it.

2 Stars


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