Monthly Archives: May 2013

Iron Man 3 – Trilogy Triumph

Firstly, I love a good comic book movie and, probably due in large part to never having actually read a comic, I enjoy most big screen outings for Marvel, DC or their ilk. Secondly, my adoration of Robert Downey Jr knows no bounds. From the almost flawless ‘Chaplin’ to Sherlock Holmes, to Larry Paul, a […]

Star Trek Into Darkness

Hmm. Not what I was expecting. I’ve never been a trekkie – I just had to Google how they spell it! – but I enjoyed the 2009 Star Trek, and with the addition of the always excellent Benedict Cumberbatch, I was expecting a lot more from Into Darkness. And for me it failed to deliver. […]

Where now for The Following?

I was late coming to The Following and therefore watched the first four or five episodes in quick succession – and was immediately hooked. An interest in criminology (I studied it as part of A Level psychology), a deep abiding love of all things Kevin Bacon and a hot new actor (Adan Canto) held my […]