The Place Beyond The Pines

I had two reasons for wanting to see The Place Beyond The Pines – Ryan Gosling, and the fact that I have an Unlimited card and hadn’t been to the cinema for a while.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but TPBTP’s lacked pace, coherence, any kind of message and, in the end, any point.

It begins with a gratuitous shot of Gosling’s abs, and goes downhill from there!

Gosling is a loner stunt rider who discovers he’s a father when old flame Eva Mendes turns up,  he then decides to rob banks to provide for his son (as you do) and punches out Mendes’ new boyfriend, earning himself a restraining order.

A couple of hours later – spoiler alert! – they then kill off Gosling and start on unlikeable cop Bradley Cooper’s story – another long and not particularly absorbing tale.

Following that there’s the story of the two men’s sons who become friends.

None of these narratives hang together and there’s no clever editing to make it seem like anything other than three separate films squashed together.

Hell, I’m not sure there’s any editing! – put it this way, when its then says ’15 years later’ you believe it!

Gosling’s tale is the most interesting and, given the choice, the only one of the plots that I would have watched but even here, the characters don’t seem real, meaning you find it difficult to care about them.

And if I haven’t put you off and you still want to see TPBTPs, bring a duvet – I felt my eyelids droop more than once in the cinema, and went straight to sleep as soon as I got home.

2.5 stars  – Rachel and Abi – don’t bother, just watch Crazy Stupid Love and The Notebook again instead!


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