A Good Day To Die Hard

The Die Hard franchise is one of the staples of my childhood. Despite not being a big fan of Bruce Willis in general, I loved John McClane. It’s the one liners, the uber masculinity  and more than anything else, the kind of accidental resourcefulness that makes McClane not just survive but triumph and endure.

I was worried and excited in equal measure when Die Hard 4 was announced but I loved it and I had faith that I would like Die Hard 5  too – which was advertised as the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day!

Having arrived late, we were forced to sit in the third row – a mistake as the editing and camera focusing in and out gave me a headache.That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the latest Die Hard, it’s utterly ridiculous and utterly awesome. There are people flying through the air and pulling stupid faces for at least 15 minutes, pretty much everything gets blown up or shot to pieces and what is actually a very small cast (extras aside) keep the action coming at breakneck speed. Willis looks like he’s having the time of his life and there’s good chemistry between him and screen son Jai Courtney who looks rather like a spare Tom Hardy – in case we ever need one.

Radivoje Bukvic is a bad guy in the 80s mould – complete with random carrot and a preoccupation with dancing – and Yuliya Snigir, despite looking ill throughout the film, holds her own against the American stars.

While it didn’t quite live up to the excellent Die Hard 4, A Good Day To Die Hard is a highly entertaining, tongue-in-cheek, action film – I give it four stars – Yipee Ki-Yay!

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